Monday, September 11, 2006

Watermelon Baby Hat- and TIGGER :o)


I previously posted this watermelon hat, made for my brand new neice Myla Rose. She now fits said hat and is modeling it for the camera! Also, her big brother Quinlan is cuddling with a spectacular Tigger made by my sister Betsy. Q adores his Tigger and you can see why :o)


arianne said...


i'm from holland. thats why my englisch is not so good.

my questions are:
-the tigger who's on the photo how is it made?
-by knitting or crocheting?
-i know it maybe difficult, but may i have a pattern of the tigger?

a good friend of my adors tiggers so i wanne made one for him, for his birdsday.

greetings from:
Arianne Tak

Austin Chick said...

Arianne -
This Tigger was made by my siter using this pattern booklet for sale on EBAY:

or through

Good luck!

Anonymous said...


I love the watermelon hat! Could you send me the pattern? Thanks. Bev