Monday, September 11, 2006


Hello! As pretty much everyone knows, I am not a sci-fi reader... but, everyone I know and adore totally is. I am pretty sure that everyone in my family and most of my friends have read and loved at least some sci-fi stuff. Anyway... a co-worker friend of mine is obsessed with the sci-fi classics - especially HP Lovecraft and this character/god named Cthulu. He's been working like crazy on a project for me and helping me immensely. In the meantime, he hurt his back and has a pinched nerve- and is attempting to work even though he's in a lot of pain Anyway, I wanted to make him smile, so I looked up cthulu on wikipedia and decided to crochet a version for his desk... I guess if you know what the bad guy in Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest looks like, you'll know the jist. Basically, he is supposed to be like a combination of a squid, octopus, bird, and reptile. Of course, he is tormenting the Lily-cat for added drama.