Monday, July 03, 2006

Brand New Nephew - and Lil' Devil Baby Hat

My sister Megan and brother-in-law Matt became new proud parents last week! Baby Atticus Zane (seems to be going by Zane so far) is doing well and adjusting the to world just fine.

I crocheted him a lil' devil baby hat a few months ago and had to wait patiently for them to be able to open it! I wanted to make something unique, funny, and cute all at the same time. There is above, in a hat that is right now giant on him! I wish I had taken pictures of the hat next to a tennis ball or a mug or something - just to give you an idea of just how tiny this hat is.
It's amazing how tiny this lil' guy is!

I found this hat in a knit pattern, but knew I could make a version that was as cute or cuter in crochet. I think that crochet lends itself to shaping better than knit, so the horns hold up really well. The hat isn't an original design, but it is an original pattern. The picture to the Right make the hat look asymmetrical, but that's just because of the weird angle that the hat was photographed. I'm not sure why it looks ike that. Both sides are the same length and width in each part.

Thanks for looking :) Congrats to Megan and Matt on their beautiful baby boy!