Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Cthulu 2.0

After sending pics of the mighty lil' cthulu around, I was informed that although my homage to the slimy, tentacled, elder god was impressive... it still wasn't "right". Apparently, without wings, my chtulu was just an odd looking crochet dude.
So, I went home and crocheted up some rudimentary wings (as described in wikipedia). It was all very last minute and done when I should have been packing for my trip to Seattle and NC... but, it was my last day at work and I figured that if I didn't attach them myself, Cthulu would never have wings.
I spent my lunch on my last day up at Greg's desk performing minor surgery on The Tentacled One. To help make the wings stand up, I straightened out two jumbo paper clips and inserted them in the wings. I had brought a blue pipecleaner for the job, but it showed a little too much. I was checking him out and realized how cool it would be if he had bendable arms. So, I cut the pipecleaner in half and inserted one half into each tubey arm. Voila! The Elder God, complete.
I must admit, my friends were right. With wings, Cthulu is much more impressive, creepy, and wonderful.
And, admittedly less cuddly.
Check him out. muwahahah. Oh, and there he is posing with Greg's vicodin for his yechy back pain.