Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Last night, I was in Seattle with my sisters, Betsy and Bridgid. The three of us were watching endless episodes of Sex and the City... hours and hours of season 5-6... while stitching away. I had made a cabled messenger bag and a skirt for Betsy and spent the first few hours weaving in the ends (fun times...). Finally, once I had finished those projects, I started some hats and ended up making them each one in "grass" green by wool-ease. We had a blast and it was probably my most productive stitch 'n' bitch in a lonnnng time. Betsy made a scarf for our Uncle Tom which I'll be giving him tomorrow. I got her addicted to cables and super-chunky wool-ease yarn. Bridgid was working on a fabulous pillow in Alpaca Wool. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Bridgid, Betsy, and I went to a yarn store, of course, and drooled over beautiful yarns and patterns. I forget the name of the store... but it was great. The store used to be a house and you could meander from room to room and touch all sorts of lovely different textures. Lots of yummy, tempting yarn. But, we all behaved ourselves. (awww... no fun!)