Monday, October 23, 2006

Green Grass Purse and Betsy's Skirt on...


I have finally settled in Austin and am ready to start posting again.

Currently, I am working on a taupe purse in lion's brand suede and a monkey for Jeff (aka, Jewffrey).
I worked up a purse the week before last and have been wearing it around town. I used the same yarn that I used to make Bridgid's messenger bag (pictures pending). The color is "grass" and it's wool-ease thick'n'quick chunky yarn.

For the very first time, I actually lined a bag that I made. Which means that I can put pens in it and not be afraid that they are going to work themselves through the stitches of the bag. I used felt to line it and did a very rudimentary, pathetic attempt at a whip stitch. I figure it's practice. I'll probably rip it out and redo it at somepoint. I'm also planning on adding a pocket for a cell phone in there... and making a matching wallet.
In the meantime, here it is. I have been wearing it around this new town of mine and have been stopped and given lots of compliments... which is just awesome.

I also wanted to show a picture of Betsy wearing her skirt. It's not a great pic because it was taken in a dark bar... and even though Erik is a great photographer with a nice camera, the skirt was black. He probably would have given it a little more effort if he realized that I made it... but he didn't believe me until later :o)
Regardless, it does prove that it actually fits her. I am really thrilled that she loves it... and just so grateful that it fits her so perfectly. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
She looked fabulous in the skirt and I hope that you get to see her wearing it someday - or I get a better pic ;P