Thursday, June 22, 2006

baby hats

Here are a few baby hats that I've been working on. All were done without a pattern for the most part. (I used this precious sunhat pattern to start off the watermelon hat, but ended it my own way).

The first is a lil' flower hat. Originally, it was made for Myla Rose. However, she has quite the noggin' for a newborn and the hat didn't fit her. So, Sue sent it back to me and it will be worn by my coworker Crystal's baby girl due in October. I made this cloche-style hat in a sc spiral in yellow (Caron Simply Soft). Then I made little white petals. I stitched the petals around the brim of the hat. Then I added a lil' pansy to the side of the hat as an accent. It's Crystal's first baby gear and she loves the warm color.

For Myla, I have a larger hat which will hopefully fit her in the fall :) Right now it's a little too muggy in NC for a hat. Using Caron Simply soft, I made the top in red. Then I made a white stripe to start the rind. The rind is a lime green. I took black yarn and added some seeds.
The last hat, the purple, is a bellflower for Casey, another coworker's baby. She was born early and had a rough time at first, but is finally home with her mom and dad. I am going to make them another hat or maybe a dress to celebrate that she is home now. She was there in the hospital for 7 weeks, which was very difficult. She's a beautiful baby and very healthy and strong.
Next week, I'll be able to add pics of a baby hat that I made for Baby Gallagher Clark... but I have to wait until after the shower.

Monday, June 05, 2006

'Nother Monkey!

This one was for a co-worker/friend named Katherine who loved the Monkey that I made for my friend Josh.
The monkey is sitting next to her phone in the first pic and next to a ruler (to show you his height) in the other. He's a very lil' guy.
I made him with wool-ease in the "woods color". I sewed on a red heart button and embroidered his face on tan felt (although, it looks white in the pic).
Enjoy the pics :)