Sunday, May 28, 2006

Turquoise Shawl and Black Scarf

I finally have pictures... these are from NOVEMBER. Pathetic, I know.

But still, here they are. I made the following two pieces, a scarf and a shawl in the Spiderweb Lace stitch that I found in my favorite crochet book. The shawl in Microspun for my friend Michele (aka meesh) who is modeling said shawl.

She modeled it before the ends were woven in (note the lovely end hanging out across her arm). I finished weaving in the ends at our Thanksgiving Potluck party. Which was Michele's last night in LA before she went to PA. :( I miss her!!!

To see close ups of the stitch...

This was a complicated stitch, but I loved the results!

I also made a scarf in the same stitch, but in Patons' Brilliance. I haven't decided who to give it to yet... so yeah, any suggestions are welcome ;P

It's a skinny scarf and has some "sparkle" in the yarn. I haven't decided who would actually wear it :)