Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mom's Market Bag

This was my first felted project! I made Crochet Me's Pike Place Market Bag for my mom. My mom and my dad love to go to the nearby market in NC for organic food. I'm not sure that they can fully stock up on their groceries with this bag, but it's a start :) I think that this will probably be a great bag when my mom is taking Q and brand new Myla Rose around on adventures. The pocket is the perfect size for a baby bottle! I chose purple yarn because it's my mom's favorite color. I used Cascade 220 (in order to felt, the yarn must be 100% wool. For those of you who don't know what felting it, it's actually kind of a neat process. Basically, you stitch up a bag in a super-large size in wool yarn. Then you put it into the washing machine inside a pillowcase that is zipped or tied shut. Along with the pillow case, you put some items in the load to create friction (I used some plastic sandals, a tennis ball, and my old paint jeans from my set construction days). You add some baking soda to the load and wash it on HOT. The result is that the wool shrinks (ever wash a wool sweater?) and kind of fuses together into a firm fabric. Felt!
Anyway, I made this awhile back, but never got around to fully attaching the handles. I need to use my friend Kate's sewing machine for that :) Since she's been hard at work on her thesis, I haven't been pushing to get it done. I guess that the thesis for her lil' biomedical grad diploma from UCLA is kind of a priority for her right now. Don't ask me why.... obviously my opinion doesn't matter ;)


K8 said...

Your opinion on what?

MollyBolly said...

heheh... you know... my projects should always come before yours... especially soemthing like graduating :)