Sunday, May 28, 2006

Spiderweb Lace Skirt

This project is dangerously close to being finished. I have yet to weave in the ends or add the elastic to the waist. I also haven't blocked it (but I think it'll be best if Betsy blocks it so that it fits her perfectly). I kind of got distracted by the plethora of baby hats that I've been making for the lil' ones in my life... or soon-to-be in my life :)

I got the pattern for this skirt here. I don't looooooove this pattern. It's fine, I did it... but I had some problems with the joining of the rounds. It turned out fine, but if Betsy looks close enough, she'll be able to find the problem. Because of the many layers, I don't think that the mistake matters. I think that if I were to do it again for someone else, I would make it in different yarn and also change up the lace on the skirt. I thought it would be a little bit more lacey, honestly. I think Betsy will like it - and it will be a good skirt to wear in the Cold Seattle winter. It's made with Wool Ease and can be worn over a lighter skirt, leggings, or it can be worn alone (oooh la la!). Oh, I also had immense problems with the top of the skirt because no matter what I did, I couldn't get my stitching to match size wise with the pattern. So, I didn't follow the pattern for the top portion.
I don't know that I will remake this pattern, because that much sc in such a tight stitch is kind of annoying :P The top portion took me a VERY long time. The bottom portion probably took me about a week. The top portion (non-lacy) hits at the upper thigh.
My sister Betsy is phenomenal and deserves this skirt... which is right up her alley. I hope she wears it when she dances! Once it's blocked, it should hit to about mid-calf/ankle (the bottom is not straight, but wavy in length). If she doesn't mind modeling the skirt, I will post it here.


norwegianknittingfreak said...

WoW !

Great work and you finished out much better than me ;-)

Love your blog !

Crochet hug from Norway