Sunday, May 28, 2006

80's Kball Prom

Here is a picture from my 80's kball prom. Both Michelle and I were nominated for Prom Queen... and it was an honor to be nominated. I feel very blessed for the honor and want offer my congrats to Lisa. Heheheh.
I put together my outfit the day of. I'm wearing a blue mini-skirt (3 tiers of ruffles) over black spandex/leggings. I bough a red 80's sweater from a thrift store and cut off the sleeves. I wore the sleeves as legwarmers. And I wore white socks with black pumps (complete with a cheesy bow). I cropped the sweater and cut it down the front. I wore it over a zebra striped tanktop that was ridiculously cheesy. I also crimped my hair and wore hoops. Oh... and I crocheted myself a fingerless glove with fur trim for my right hand. There is nothing more fun than looking ridiculous!