Monday, March 06, 2006

Yoga Mat Bags and Crafty Matt Gifts

Yoga Mat Bags...

These are more belated postings of projects from Christmas Past! I'll have some more as I go along, I'm sure.
The first is a yoga mat bag that I made for my sister Sheila. I had previously made one for my friend Stacie (far left), but it was my 3rd project and I misinterpreted the pattern. It worked out well (I did long dc's insead of short), but when I made the bag for my sister Sheila, I actually *gasp* did the project correctly! Anyway, Sheila lives in Scotland and needs a bag that can get wet! This is not waterproof, but definitely washable. The picture to the left is a close up of of Stacie's bag so that you can see the detail on the long dc stitch.

Crafty Matt!
One of my brothers-in-law, Matt, was gifted with a few crafty accessories this Christmas. I made him the hat in black and gray - all sc - which you can't really see. But- far more interesting: my sister Bridgid made him the fabulous skull wristband from Stitch 'n' Bitch Nation by Debbie Stoller. The skull is beaded! She's super-talented, isn't she!!?!
Here's Matt and his bad ass crafty booty from Christmas. He made some beautiful jewelry this year as gifts and I'm hoping to post that up here as well.


teresa said...

Hey, I remember that bag (Stacie's)! :)

MollyBolly said...

heheh - yup, I worked on that when I met you at Cacao! :) We should go there again sometime. It was a nice, chill place to stitch.