Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sean's Hat - and More Cutey-Q - and my first Hat

Here's another picture of Q- this time with his Dad!

The hat that Sean is wearing is one that BRIDGID crocheted! Whoops, I orginally posted that it was the beanie that I made him - but I guess that Bridgid made him one, too. hehehehe...

I'm having a little bit of trouble editing these photos (look how pixelated-- tres 1980's Superman, huh?) Anyway, they are still really cute! So there :P


Update: The hats below are the same style/pattern, but in those pics you can see it and the detail. The first one (one left) I made over a year ago for my friend Jeff. It's done in all single crochet and I believe I used Simply Soft and Woolease. All hats were made from the top down with increases to the crown (until it looks like a pancake), and then just around and around until the yarmulke turned into a beanie. The hat on the right was posted earlier. This hat was for my brother-in-law Matt for Christmas. Again, the wrist cuff in the pic were made my awesome sister Bridgid.
Hooray for Beanies!!!