Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Floppy Blue/Green Fuzzy Bear and Weekend Update

Here is a picture of Q and his floppy, blue/green, fuzzy bear from Christmas. I made it without a pattern in Baby Clouds - Baby Green (which actually looks more blue?) and did embroidery for the face. He's a little lumpy, but Q doesn't seem to mind :P

Q is sitting on his big boy bed!

This weekend was great. On St. Patty's Day, I went to a party with some kickball friends at Katie's place. It was fun and chill. Much better than waiting in lines and paying ridiculous covers. I made more soda bread and some bailey's fudge. Yummilicious! On Saturday, Teresa and I did a yarn crawl through Pasadena/Monrovia. We went to Unraveled (located at 137 E COLORADO BLVD) where they were having a huge sale and then later to Skein. Unraveled was nice because it was really spacious, but to be honest, the yarn selection didn't impress me much. Sure there was a lot of variety in terms of brands, but within individual brands, I didn't find much variety. 3 shades of Cascade 220 is pretty pathetic. But, it was a really comfy store. Though, Teresa wasn't a big fan of the service. We both felt like the saleswoman there thought we were going to steal something. Cuz, Teresa and I look so tough. Hahaha... yeah right. Our combined height is still under 10 feet :) Skein was a better shop and in an adorable house. But, they didn't have as many crochet patterns as knit... maybe 1 crochet book for every 10 knitting book. And the crochet books all seemed to be circa 1983. It was my first yarn crawl that I left empty-handed.
After our yarn crawl, we celebrated being in pseudo-suburbia with a trip to Target. We purchased happiness for $1.99 despite the claims of a local and very vocal religious group that we could not buy happiness. Our happiness came in the form of a microwaveable egg poacher. It's super-rad. You can poach eggs in the morning for breakfast and only use one dish. It's superfast and easy ... and it makes it easier for me to meet my new protein reqs.
After the Target, we found ourselves hungry and amazingly enough... just as our tummies grumbled in hunger, Teresa remembered that her beau TJ was performing at an Indian Restaurant in Pasadena. He is a drummer who is really into tables and sacred drums of India. The boy is really good... and super-sweet. So we went over there to suprise him and listen to his neato-music while eating some delish Indian food.
Tres bien.
On Sunday, I had to do some random med test at home (long story). I was bummed about having to stay home for a full day, but luckily, I have awesome friends. Teresa, Carina, Rachel, Carrie, and my roomate Alexandria all hung out. We watched Pirates of the Carribean and swooned over Darlin' Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Afterwards, we watched Harry Potter (#4) and then Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy.
Most of us worked on our respective projects.... Rachel's cable purse is absolutely stunning. Teresa is working on her 2nd (and less decadent, albeit more washable) Lady E. Carina is making a fabulous Mile a Minute Afgan. I'm working on Betsy's skirt- although... the pattern is really sort of obnoxious! :P
Anyway... nice weekend, eh?


Anonymous said...

Had a wonderful time, even though I couldn't stay the whole night - have to get to work early, you know! Thanks so much for having me over. We'll have to do it again sometime.

♥ Carina
(aka missy42)