Monday, March 06, 2006

Pooh Bear and Wrist Warmers by my Crafty Sisters!

Pooh and Piglet by Betsy!
Here are some super-huggable creations by my sister Betsy! Aren't they soo cuddly? I love them. And they are giant - they must have taken a lot of patience (looks like giant amigurumi - amigurumi are japanese-style crochet, typically tiny animals done entirely in single crochet).
Bravo, Betsy!
Sooo sweet, I think I'm getting a cavity! :)
To further express the talents of my crafty sisters, here are some wristwarmers by my sister Bridgid. She made all of the women in my family a pair - which in typical families is a task, but in our family - with our family it is nothing short of a feat! That's 6 pairs of wrist warmers. Wowza- she's a machine :) I wore mine to Kickball and everyone wanted a pair! To the right is Betsy elegantly modeling a pair whilst Bridgid checks out the Muench Touch Me Yarn That I gave her. Bridgid's face is unfortunately cropped out. The wristwarmers are done in Alpaca Wool. Super-warm and so beautiful! Here's a picture of my Mom showing off hers. She is wearing a pink shawl that I made her for her birthday last February. The shawl was done in TLC Amore from my own design.
My update is that this weekend, I felted her bag that I making for a belated birthday gift for her. It's really beautiful. I just need to stitch on the handles. I also designed a new handbag yesterday! It's really sweet looking and I can't wait to post the pictures. I'm tempted to submit the pattern to either Crochet Me or the Crochet Pattern-a-Day Calendar. Yippee! I started to teach Liz, from my kickball team, how to crochet during the Oscars. Rachel showed me some beautiful scarves she is working on. She is normally a knitter but is working her way through some great lace crochet patterns. On Saturday, Kate and Amy came over and knitted while we watched Flight Plan and ate from La Bottega, my favorite restaurant which just happens to be 2 doors down from my apt (Dangerous, I know).