Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Bag for Miriam

Last year for Miriam's birthday, I made her one of the cutest ami's I've ever made/designed, this hot pink ami monkey. The monkey was tragically stolen from her (really!?! seriously!?!?). Anyway, this year, I wanted to make her something special again. Her baby is off to college and a lot of things will be changing in the new year.

I made a bag for her using the same basic pattern as I used for the bridal test bag. But, I drew out the size and shape that I wanted it to be instead of using the pattern. I wanted it to be big, but with a longer main handle, since she likes bags with long handles. The size is hard to tell from these pictures, but the body of the bag is 15" across and the length of the longest handle from bag body to shoulder is 12"

It's a carryall tote that is washable. Since she recently picked up crochet, maybe it'll be a good tote for her larger projects!
Bag Open, Lining

Bag Open, Back

Bag Closed, Front


Betsy said...

So cool and fun! I am amazed that you were able to be so creative with the pattern and have it turn out so beautifully! You rock :)

M said...

I love my bag! Even though you couldn't be here to see me open it...imagine my surprise. It's GORGEOUS. And there's a little bit of your home that was sent along with it...Miss Lily decided to test it out before I did. Thank you Molly, this is beautiful. You really did a great job.