Friday, June 01, 2007

Sundress for Myla Rose

I haven't been posting as most of my crochet projects lately are top secret.

But, there is one project that I was able to send to my niece, so I can share that one. *drumroll*
Myla Rose just turned 1 in May and I wanted to crochet her a big girl dress now that she is walking. I looked all over for patterns and couldn't find one that seemed exactly right. So, I decided to just make one up. I used Yarn Baby Sweet Delight from Hobby Lobby which was on sale.

I asked her mom for her size (btwn 12 mos and 18mos) and then searched online for approximate measurements for this size. Most measurements go by weight and I wasn't sure what her weight was (a true lady never reveals her weight...). Moreover, I was determined to start the project right away. Once I have the yarn in hand, I really can't wait to start. So, I found this handy chart.

I made the top in a square to fit the chest measurement. Then, I crocheted the skirt to fit the waist. I made the top in all single crochets and the skirt with increases of diagonal shells. In between, I made some post stitches in Double Crochet to weave a belt/tie through.

Then, I made the back in single crochet. The straps were done in the shell stitch. Each shell is a button hole so that if the straps were too long, they were adjustable.

For the buttons, I used these sweet little rose buttons that I found at *gasp* Walmart. I know, I rarely shop there. But sometimes, it's just too easy. Since she is Myla rose, I thought a Rose pin would be a nice lil addition. I pinned it to the belt, though, it can be placed on the bodice or skirt. Or just removed completely.
And here is Miss Myla Rose modeling it for us:
and the back:

Awwwww... :o)

If I were to make it again, I would make decreases on the top so that it would fit her better and not be so square in the front... but other than that, I think it's pretty dern cute. Then again, anything would look cute on this baby. And yes, I am biased.


teresa said...

Very cute!

Monet said...

Lovely!! And what great colors! :)