Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ripple-Ghan for Megan :o)

In just over a week, I stitched up this Ripple-Ghan for my sister Megan. It's perfect for snuggling under with her beautiful son and gerber baby wannabe Atticus... awww.

I finally got to meet him just before his first birthday. My family rented a guest house in the NC mountains for a week. It was the first time that all 6 siblings were under the same roof for a week since, I think, Christmas of '94.

Anyway... meeting my nephew was great and while we were there I made him a few other things which I will be posting as soon as I get back home and can load up the pics from my camera. In addition, I will post up a few more angles on this Ripple-Ghan so that you can see it spread over a bed. It was originally intended to be a lapghan, but without a pattern... I kind of just got carried away. It ended up being large enough to cover a full sized bed.
I used Yarn Bee Chenille from Hobby Lobby. It's incredibly silky soft and the colors are very vibrant. Megan loves bright colors and these colors match the nursery and it's Froggie theme :o)
I made him an elephant toy and a sheep hand puppet (the sheep was intended to look like Shaun the Sheep from Wallace and Gromit's A Close Shave). I also got to hang out with my adorable niece and other equally adorable and older nephew, Quinlan. I made Quinlan a dragon hand puppet. The dragon, sheep, and elephant were made without patterns. Though, for the elephant, I referenced a picture from a pattern when I was getting started.
Pictures of those items will come later.