Wednesday, July 18, 2007


So, I was tagged for the first time... by dear Kate, who is proud to be an Okie From Muskogee.

here's my random, somewhat self-indulgent facts...

1. I am also slightly ambidextrous. I write left-handed almost always, but can write easily/legibly right, too. Writing right-handed is easier for me than left on chalkboards and desks at school (most of those desks were right-handed anyway). I draw a lot of the time with my right hand... mostly kick and throw right, but can throw/kick left. I crochet right-handed99.9% of the time... but can crochet left, too... and have taught both.

2. I am the second youngest out of six kids.... and my dad is the youngest of six. I am the only one in my family who does not have curly hair. I'm also the only one that doesn't not excel at math... which makes it even stranger that I'm the one working in finance.

3. I've worked as a children's party performer while moonlighting as a drag queen stage manager. I've also worked at an elevator repair company, shipping warehouse, and dialysis center.

4. I tore 3 ligaments in my ankle at the same time once... and the bone didn't break.

5. I have had 2 out of the 4 strains of mono.

6. I spent most of my Saturdays in high school either at the Cleveland Museum of Art drawing or taking care of my Grandma. I think I watched The Sound of Music and Frank Patterson Tours Ireland about a hundred times with her. And I know both almost verbatim.

7. I used to hate cats. For a long time I just didn't get them and was a 100% dog person. Now I am a faithful servant to two of them.

8. I was born in Santa Monica, Ca and we moved to Cleveland, Oh when I was 3 mos. old. I lived in Cleveland until I was 18, then I ended up living in Los Angeles for 9 years and worked in Santa Monica for 3 of those years.

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Bridgid said...

Dude, you are sooo better at math than me!

I now have 'My Irish Molly-O' stuck in my head, thanks.

= )