Monday, July 02, 2007

Hand Puppets for Nephews - Dragon and Sheep

The pictures from the June vacation are trickling in... and now I have some more pictures to share of things crocheted for the lil' guys.

First up: A Dragon for Quinlan.

I was originally going to make finger puppets for Quinlan, but then thought that a larger one might be more fun. I was going to suprise him, but the conversation went like this:

Q: a suprise?
M: Yup!
Q: What is it?
M: Well... I can't tell you... but you can guess! ...It's something that you wear on your hand...
Q: Mitten!
M: No... not a mitten, but...
wow. that game didn't last long.

So yeah...

Here is his dragon puppet held by Uncle Andy. I'm hoping for some more angles. I gave him fangs, scales along his spine, and, of course, a forked tonge.

Next up: A Sheep For Atticus

So, I had made Atticus the elephant which he liked. But, he LOVED the dragon hand puppet. love Love LOVED it.

Of course, I had to make him a puppet. I had some fuzzy white yarn that I had packed on accident and it looked like a sheep's wool. Sheep it was!

I thought about Shaun the Sheep in Wallace and Gromit and tried to make him look like my mental image of him.

He turned out kind of poodle like... but here he is anyway giving Mr. Atticus a kiss.

and from the side... you can see hints of his big, long pink tongue:



teresa said...

What cute puppets - and lucky nephews!

Rita said...

Thank you for the nice comment on KR for my shawl.:)
The animals you crochet are simply adorable!

helixbirth said...

man, crocheting puppets seems like more fun than scarves....i want a wiggleable tongue for my kitty puppet.

Bridgid said...

Love those puppets! The pictures don't even do them justice. And you just made them up--have I told you how much you rock?