Friday, February 10, 2006

Dragon Baby Sweater and Monkey, Oh My...

I decided to post some of my finshed projects to share. I will be adding more next week. For now, meet Ernie the Monkey. I made him for my friend Josh for Chrismahanukwanzakah. This little guy was made from a pattern by RoxyCraft who posts frequently on Crochetville, my favorite forum for hookers. Her patterns are super-cute and fast - I highly recommend them! I gave him long arms and legs that are not stuffed and completely bendable/flexible. He also has a tail that curls. Ernie is small enough to sit on a monitor or in a cupholder. His face was my 2nd attempt at embroidery, so it's a little sloppy... I'd like to think that it gives him character! I love his little nose.

Awhile back for an expecting coworker, I made a dragon baby sweater! The orginal pattern was from the amazing Marnie MacLean... but it was in knit and crochet. Basically, I took her adorable add-ons (spots, ears, and a spine) and added them to a crochet hoodie from this book. I sized it for a 3 month old. As is frequently prone to happen with babies, the little baby boy grew very quickly and is, at 3 months, wearing 6 mos. clothing. So, his big sister is currently using the hoodie to keep her baby doll warm. Cute, huh?
I'm thinking of making other variations. Maybe a dalmation and an orange cat. I think that babies dressed in animals is sooo cavity-inducingly sweet. Of course, it's really the only time you can get them to wear things like this without them being able to argue with you!
Ah, well.
I also want to make a small dragon toy - similar to the monkey. It's on my list! Other animals on my list are a turtle for Teresa and finishing the Bunny for Mitzie (it's basically done). These animals take about 5-6 hours to do (including embroidering the face).

Here is a close up of the detail: