Thursday, October 04, 2007

Weekend Dress Design

So after a few weeks of doing way too much, I decided last weekend that I needed a veg weekend. Just me, my kitties, some yarn, and the Gilmore Girls.

I had some caron simply soft on hand in autumn red and started stitching a tank top. I decided to do an empress waist with a lace skirt.

I took my measurements and did the lace skirt first, using the Strawberry lace stitch from my
fav crochet stitch source: Donna Kooler's Encylopedia of Crochet.

Then, at my waist, I did a few rows of single crochet alternating with 2 rows of shells. For the bodice, I made it in single crochet to my measurements.
The results, weren't great. The top was too stiff and it was like wearing cardboard.

So, I ripped out the top and remade it in a net stitch. Though, I'm not 100% convinced that I like the results.

Regardless, I went on to do the back in the same way...

and then I tried it on again.

I decided to make the strawberry skirt longer... and then I got carried away. Eventually, I ended up making a dress instead.

The quality of these pictures is not great... but I will finish weaving in the ends and add the final touches and have a friend take some pics. The dress is a little more fitted than it looks in the pictures. but, I took the pictures myself in front in my kitchen... so... the quality leaves a lot to be desired. I think I'm going to add a few rows of single crochet to the bottom to make it lay flat... and I might be adding some sleeves.

If I figure out how to write patterns for wearables (ie, make adjustments for size), I will write this baby up.


mike and bobi said...

Dress looks great. I like the new version. The hem doesn't need to be much longer, just what makes it straighten. What some people do for relaxation!! Inspiring. Mom

Bridgid said...

The dress, the fit of it, looks so 60s! Very cool.