Friday, December 01, 2006

Very Pink Baby Outfit

It has been ages since I've updated this blog! Things have been crazy with adjusting to the new city... but, even though I am going out more and just generally busier than I was in LA, I'm still finding time to crochet.

I made the following uber-pink baby outfit for my boss' baby. She is totally daddy's little girl and he is very interested in dressing her in pink.


Pink it is!

A sweater, cloche hat, and mary jane booties.
I crocheted them in Bernat Cotton Tots- Pretty in Pink and fell in love with this yarn. It's super-soft, washable, and crochets up so well. You can really see the stitchwork even though it is a very soft, snuggly yarn.

To start the sweater and for sizing, I used the hooded jacket from Simple Crochet for Cherished Babies. But, I wanted to make a cute hat and so I did not make the hood. I also added a scalloped trim in white and made a bow out of two double crochet chains instead of the frog closure that the book called for.

The sweater is done in a v-stitch and each panel worked up very quickly. To keep the collar down and open, I stitched the lapel down on both sides.

I sized it for a 3 month old baby. She isn't quite there yet, but it should fit her soon.

For the hat, I just did a simple single crochet and added a shell edge. I added a flower that I made up as I went along.

I have seen this style of hat done before, so I'm sure that I'm pulling from a variety of sources. Which means that I probably won't write up this pattern.

Next up are the mary janes. This is a really fuzzy picture, but unfortunately, the only one that I have.

I pulled the pattern from a booklet that I have at home (and can't remember the name of - I'll update once I know). The booklet rocks because it has a dozen or so very unique baby booties. I had to adjust the pattern because I was not using fingering weight yarn, so the sizing was tricky. But, I think that the effort was well worth it. They are really cute booties. I added a flower of sorts on to the side in place of a button.

I thought it would add to the vintage, feminine feel.

John loved the outfit and I'm hoping that his lil' one loves it, too.

Currently, I'm working on a sweater version of this vest and many Christmas gifts ... which will remain a secret for now...